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What is Planetary Health?

“Our definition of planetary health is the achievement of the highest attainable standard of health, well-being, and equity worldwide through judicious attention to the human systems—political, economic, and social—that shape the future of humanity and the Earth’s natural systems that define the safe environmental limits within which humanity can flourish.”​

Report of The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on planetary health, 2015

What We Do

IDE works to create change through advocacy, science, and education.


IDE is committed to being an agent for change. We work to make the Irish healthcare system more green.


IDE is committed to use our position of privilege to speak out on issues related to health and the environment. We do this through Direct Action and political engagement.


IDE aims to be involved in the promotion of planetary health science in Ireland. We have published papers and spoke at academic conferences.


IDE is committed to educating doctors and the public on the climate crisis and its health effects. We aim to be a conduit through which those interested can learn more about the issues facing us and how healthcare and climate interact.

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IDE is active on Twitter and Instagram, where we share the latest news regarding planetary health in Ireland. We also have a Medium blog and podcast.
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There's a big difference between Dublin and Rio de Janeiro: Rio restored the forest on its doorstep and is rewilding even more. Dublin, on the other hand, sits beside a Wicklow-sized conifer plantation.

20 years ago, there was barely a tree (or bush) to be seen in this area of our farm in the #Cairngorms. Take our foot off nature’s throat and stuff happens. #Northwoods

Instead of preparing our streets for autonomous vehicles, they should serve autonomous children.

Read about the importance of 'childhood velonomy':


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The whole of life is coming to terms with yourself and the natural world. Why are you here? How do you fit in? What’s it all about?

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