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When the Rivers Run Dry

When the Rivers Run Dry

By Fred Pearce

If you’ve ever been curious about where the water coming out of your tap is coming from, then this book is for you. However, this book is much more than that, as Pearce takes you on a journey across the world to tell you stories about our rivers, be it the great Amazon or a small stream in Surrey.

The book made me more aware of the impact my daily life has on our rivers and water supply. In the days of the all important ‘carbon footprint’, it is easy to forget about the perhaps equally important ‘water footprint’. How much water went into that cup of coffee you’re currently enjoying? This book will give you the answer and make you a more knowledgeable water consumer.

This is certainly a depressing book, as it catalogues in detail how humans have consistently been interfering with the planet’s natural waterways. However, Pearce does provide you with tangible knowledge that you can use on a day to day basis to lower your water consumption.