Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Resources

Resources for health facility green committees

Healthcare Without Harm
Get your healthcare facility to join the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network
Visit My Green Lab for a sustainable laboratory accreditation service
Contact the National Health Sustainability Office
Green Healthcare – Sustainability projects in Irish hospitals

Link in with the IDE Green Committee Network by contacting our Healthcare Sustainability working group coordinator:

Inhalers and Carbon Footprint

The Brief Guide to Being a Green Prescriber: Inhalers

For the respiratory multidisciplinary team. Last updated: November 2021.

Inhaler Device Choice, Technique, and Carbon Footprint

Last updated: September 2021

These communication tools were developed with consultation from several key stakeholders.

Logo for Irish Doctors for the Environment
Logo for the Spark Innovation Programme
Logo for Anáil: the Respiratory Nurses Association of Ireland

The tool was developed by a respiratory multidisciplinary team. The project was titled “A Communication tool on inhalers and carbon footprint” and was funded by the Spark Innovation Programme. Thank you to all who contributed to this important resource.

Other important resources on healthcare sustainability

“To walk through a forest uncharacteristically barren of snow in wintertime, or through a hospital ward dominated by older and chronically ill patients, is to witness two of the greatest challenges of our time: the degradation of the Earth’s ecosystems and the shift in human disease towards that driven by our lifestyles and our surroundings. Both challenges are inseparable: climate change, ecosystem destruction, massive losses in biodiversity, a warming ocean, soil degradation, and pollution are wreaking havoc on our planet and sickening us.”

Lancet Global Health – Human health and environmental sustainability: the 21st century’s grand challenges