The FAIR Project

The Fun Accessible Air Quality Information Resource


The FAIR project, (the fun accessible air quality information resource), is a pilot project to display local air quality on information screens at Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street accompanied by a health messaging video. The video is a fun, short animated air quality information resource that aims to increase awareness amongst patients, parents and staff of the importance of clean air for good health.

The Health Messaging Video

Please download, share and distribute video as widely as possible


The Challenge

We all have a right to clean air. People who breathe clean air, live longer healthier lives. In Ireland, there are concerning levels of air pollution in some of our towns and cities that are exposing our population to the negative health effects of air pollution. The main sources of air pollution in Ireland are traffic and the burning of solid fuels.  

Many people in Ireland are unaware of the health risks of air pollution. Many of our hospital are located in areas exposed to air pollution. The elderly, children and those with chronic disease are some of the most vulnerable to the negative health effects of air pollution. While the evidence is very clear, existing air quality communications are failing to reach the most vulnerable populations.



Our Solution

This project is a collaboration between Irish Doctors for the Environment, Children’s Health Ireland and the Environmental Protection Agency. We also sought stakeholder involvement from the Health Service Executive, the Asthma Society of Ireland, the Irish Thoracic Society, the Life Emerald Project and EU Life to ensure that this was a well trusted resource.  

Together, we developed the content for a short animation video that was fun, engaging and easy to understand. The video is designed to empower staff, parents and patients to improve their local air quality and reduce their exposure to air pollution. The video is followed by a map displaying the local air qualtiy monitors

The project is funded by the Spark Innovation Programme and the EU LIFE Programme under the LIFE
Emerald project.


Project Launch

The project was launched on June 2nd ahead of World Environment Day (Monday 5th June), at Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street. The press release is available here

The impact of this project will be measured through a research project assessing parent’s opinions before and after watching the video and air quality display in the waiting room in Autumn 2023.


Future Potential

This project is a pilot project. We are aiming for nationwide roll-out throughout hospitals in Ireland in the short to medium term. Longer-term we would like to see this expanded to all health care centres and beyond for example to bus stops or train stations.